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Ruby on Rails is a web development framework built in the Ruby language
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As our go-to tech, Omnidev uses Ruby on Rails for web development.
Convention over configuration

This means that, when you've got a high quality webapp, any Ruby developer should be able to come along and understand it.

There's also much less time spent on "boilerplate" code, so you get more value for money.

Object Oriented

This is a programming concept that lends itself to extensibility. Data is modeled in such a way that it's easy to come along 2 years down the line and change a feature or add to it.

Results in massively lower costs of growing and adding features in the future.

Don't re-invent the wheel

There are literally thousands of libraries for Ruby. This means no time is wasted on some issue that others have already solved.

This creates massive value for money.


Testing allows you to be sure that when Omnidev implements a new feature, it works as expected.
For example, perhaps you wanted a feature that could analyse what individual users search for on your site...

We would:
  1. Write tests that describes the scenario
  2. Write the code to pass the tests
  3. Check the code is as efficient as it can be
  4. Deploy to the live server, knowing it passes all checks

Good testing also means that implementing feature X won't break feature Y accidentally, as we test the entire codebase before pushing to the live server.
Example of some user tests
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If any of this was too jargonny, or you want to know more about how this can help you, contact us.