Working with OMNIDEV




Website Development Artisans


  • assignment_indOverview meeting

    You'll meet with one or more of the Omnidev web development team.
    We'll talk about the overall aims of the project, and what general expectations are.
    We might talk about aesthetic, target audience, logic and myriad other things.

  • descriptionStory creation

    Depending on how involved you want to be, we'll either sit down with you or by ourselves and translate your overall goals into small stories.
    A story might take the form of something like:

    A doctor cancels an appointment

    This describes a specific interaction with the site.

  • thumbs_up_downStory difficulty voting

    The Omnidev team will sit down and vote on how many points to award stories.
    Stories are awarded 1-3 points. 1 meaning straightforward to 3 meaning very challenging.

  • shuffleOrder stories

    It's then up to you to order the stories how you wish: first in the list will be done first.

  • trending_upWe get going

    We'll crack on.

  • searchReview

    You'll be notified the moment something is complete, and you'll be able to say whether or not it was what you were after, with just a click of a button.

  • visibilityWatch the site grow in real time

    We use continuous deployment, meaning we'll deploy to the live server the moment you approve something.

Websites that evolve

As a business owner, you don't really know what your end product is going to be like. You don't know what challenges or opportunities are going to arise in the development phase.

Omnidev uses a website development style that allows you to chop and change ideas as you please, with minimal overhead. It shouldn't have to cost you huge amounts to improve your idea as you go along.

  • done_all A doctor adds an appointment

    A doctor needs to be able to add an appointment in a timeslot that's available
    The patient should also be made aware of this

  • done_all A doctor sees all appointments

    This should take the form of a calendar
    They should be able to see whom the appointment is with

  • done A doctor emails a patient

    A doctor should be able to email the patient directly from the calendar screen